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We are glad you chose to visit our site. Hopefully you will find something that will enhance your personal worship experience or be useful for your worship ministry. Feel free to use any of our original material for whatever purpose you need. Also, we want to invite you to visit Steve Pruitt’s blog On the blog you will find Bible lessons that cover the entire Bible verse by verse and other material that may help you run the race of faith.

Think About It: “Depend on it, my hearer, you never will go to heaven unless you are prepared to worship Jesus Christ as God.” Charles Spurgeon

Be sure to check out the free e-books that includes Steve Pruitt’s “The Ingredients of Worship.”

Untitled1 In his first book, Steve Pruitt shares ideas that he believes are necessary for worship to become a way of life and not just an emotional experience when gathered with other believers. He mixes personal experience along with a strong biblical foundation to convey Jesus’ message that true worshipers worship the Father is spirit and truth. Located in the back of the book you will find a study guide that might be helpful for personal or small group study.

Steve writes, “Worship is more than a time slot to be filled on Sunday morning. Worship begins before the music starts, when no one is looking. Worship is a way of life; daily giving oneself to God. True outward expressions of worship flow from a heart that is intimately involved with the Father.”

All of the e-books are free for you to download. You may make as many copies of the books as you like. Please give proper credit and do not reproduce for sale.

Featured Article:
The Center of Worship -By Steve Pruitt
I firmly believe that God is in the business of physical healing today. However, the greatest miracles occur each time God takes a filthy, rotten heart and makes it clean; all because of the blood of Jesus. And if what Jesus did on the cross doesn’t cause us to worship him with abandonment then we are at least one step removed from the center of worship.

Featured Devotional:
Follow the Lamb -By Steve Pruitt
True worshipers have a deep desire to do the will of the Father. The desire to do the Father’s will is a motivating force in their lives. Their lives are centered in the Father’s will. All of their hopes and dreams have been placed in the Father’s hands and their lives given to his service.

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