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The Gracious Worship Leader

Leading worship can be a struggle sometimes. We look at the congregation that we pray all week will be engaged in worship and more often than not we see what we perceive as boredom. Mouths moving to the words but facial expressions that downright alarm us sometimes! And we feel desperate. So we sing louder and smile bigger and wave our arms at them and occasionally we stomp our feet and “yell” at them. “SING OUT! BE FREE IN YOUR WORSHIP!” And behind the smile we panic. These people think I’m crazy, we say to ourselves.

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It’s Just You and Me, God

I was talking with my mom the other night and I was really stressed out over all the things I wanted to do. I have a finger (or five) dipped into so many things, that I begin to really struggle with keeping up. I am one of those people who tend to take on too many tasks; I have become an “I can do it all” person. I find myself so overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I’ve given to myself, I feel like I’m failing at everything I’ve set out to do, so I abruptly withdraw from it…sound familiar to anyone?

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