Why Worship In Church

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it is one that I honestly believe a lot of people do not know the answer to. How do I know this? – Because for years I did not know the answer to this (or even bothered to ask the question.) I had worship at the beginning of a service because “it’s what you do!” I thought that radical worship was worship that was cool, or sounded like the most fashionable bands of the day, or worship that attracted people into the church because they liked the music.

We worship for one purpose: that we might know our God. The whole point of worship in and out of church is that the people of God can draw nearer to Him, and know Him for themselves. A worship service has no other purpose or aim other than Him. It is not directed at the people, (a subtle an easy mistake to make), but at God, for the sake of the people.

In worship, the distinction between Heaven and the Earth will fade away, as the people of God begin to operate and flow in true Kingdom authority. The worldly way of operation becomes completely irrelevant, as the saints of God move into the spiritual. It is from this point that the real business of God can be done – lives get transformed, people get delivered.

True worship is a journey. It is a journey from the mundane, the natural, and the boring and the impossible into the true reality of the presence of God, from where the people of God enter into the radical and miraculous of God’s kingdom. The more we focus upon Him, the more our minds are filled with His truth and revelation. Jesus is lifted as the true authority over our lives, churches, cities and the genuine and radical cannot fail to manifest.