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The Worship Leader

The position of a worship leader is first and foremost as a servant. The worship leader serves the people into the presence of God.

What does it mean to serve people? To genuinely serve people, your focus should not be the people, but God. There is a very subtle trap in ministry, which says that to serve people; you have to listen to their desires, concerns, and so on. True ministry does not work this way. True ministry is completely God focused, because it is only when you are focused upon Him will you have true perspective. To truly serve people is to give them what God has for them, and to lead them to the point where they can hear and operate in God for themselves.

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Why Worship In Church

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it is one that I honestly believe a lot of people do not know the answer to. How do I know this? – Because for years I did not know the answer to this (or even bothered to ask the question.) I had worship at the beginning of a service because “it’s what you do!” I thought that radical worship was worship that was cool, or sounded like the most fashionable bands of the day, or worship that attracted people into the church because they liked the music.

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